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Tehran Yongmudo
Iran Yongmudo Founder and President Dr Keyvan DEHNAD (10th Dan)..Iran Yongmudo has been recognized by ministry of sport and Iran Martial Arts Federation.  
Origin of Yongmudo: About Yongmudo 1. Origin of Yongmudo Since Yong-In University, Korean Judo College, was founded in 1953, it has been a mecca of martial arts and sports education. The foundation philosophy of Yong-In University is to train people in the way and to teach them to serve society. According to this philosophy it is necessary to train the mind, body and soul through martial arts education in order to help people become soundly educated and be able to contribute to serve the society. The final purpose is to improve the world by having graduates of the school act as ambassadors of Yong-In's philosophy throughout the world. Students must work as martial arts educators for the world. Since its foundation, the university has taught judo, taekwondo, kumdo, hapkido, Ssirum, wrestling, boxing, self-defense, arrest tactics and many sports. Based on 50 years of Korean style martial art education, Yong-In has rebuilt martial art and sports education locally and furthermore has encouraged the development of Korean martial arts outside of Korea by sending many graduates overseas to teach in other countries. Thereafter, a larger plan was needed to promote Korean martial arts. Yongmudo was founded by Kim Jung-Haeng, the president of Yong-In University and assisted by professors in Martial-art college was developed in order to meet the need for further promotion of Korean martial arts. Especially, thanks to localization and globalization of people who graduated from this university it is possible to expand Yongmudo throughout the world. 2. Significance of Yongmudo Developed with a basis of Educational philosophy and Martial art philosophy from Yong-In University for localization and globalization to the world. Yongmudo is a self-defense & martial arts system based on traditional Korean martial arts skill. 3. Purpose of Yongmudo The purpose of Yongmudo is as a part of promoting ideology of Yong-In University, to reestablish the phase of Korea Martial-art and to devote to build superior martial-art&sports educational programs as a disciplinary study by propagating a total martial-art system soundly developed and based on Korea traditional martial-arts. .
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